Teaching Democratic Values: Introduction


Upper primary/Lower secondary

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Unit overview

‘Teaching Democratic Values’ is a unit of work for upper primary and lower secondary students. It uses extracts from the Australian Readers Discovering Democracy collections to focus on democratic values and principles such as freedom, responsibility, justice, respect for the land, leadership qualities, personal values and qualities, and tolerance, inclusion and diversity. Teaching and learning activities are designed to:

  • explore the meanings of particular values in the text
  • discuss and reflect on values dilemmas
  • apply these values to other situations and contexts
  • reflect on these values in relation to students' own lives.

The unit is structured as follows:

For teachers
For students

Notes for teachers 1 – Background to teaching democratic values


Notes for teachers 2 – Introductory activity

Student handout 1: Introductory Activity

Notes for teachers 3 – Upper primary activities

Activities for upper primary students


Student handout 2: Freedom


Student handout 3: The Stone in the Road


Student handout 4: A Just Punishment


Student handout 5: The Land Is My Backbone

Notes for teachers 4 – Lower secondary activities

Activities for lower secondary students


Student handout 6: The Jackal


Student handout 7: The Dover's Wife


Student handout 8: White Australia


Student handout: 9 Freedom Isn't Just a Word


Student handout 10: Community Values Survey

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Student handout 1 | Student handout 2 | Student handout 3 | Student handout 4 | Student handout 5 |

Student handout 6 | Student handout 7 | Student handout 8 | Student handout 9 | Student handout 10

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