Political parties and social movements: Introduction

Key learning area: Studies of Society and Environment

Year level: Lower Secondary

Lesson duration: 4 hours (4 lessons)

Unit topic: Political parties and social movements

Lesson topic: Evaluating strategies for change

Lesson's overall aim

Students will evaluate the strategies employed by four historical and four contemporary Australians who have been/are involved in political parties and social movements to bring about change. Students will then consider strategies that they can employ to bring about change for a school or community issue that is important to them.

Curriculum Links

Links to the Australian Curriculum 

Intended student learning objectives/outcomes


  • Investigate ways in which non-government organisations can contribute to communities and influence government decisions.
  • Develop skills to become involved in or influence representative groups in the school or community.
  • Participate in a campaign to raise awareness about a significant issue.
  • Investigate individuals who have campaigned for human rights and democracy.


  • Research
  • Analysis and evaluation
  • Action planning


  • Care and Compassion
  • Fair go
  • Freedom
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Understanding, tolerance and inclusion


  1. William Spence biography handout (pdf format)
  2. Jessie Street biography handout (pdf format)
  3. Pearl Gibbs biography handout (pdf format)
  4. Douglas Nicholls biography handout (pdf format)
  5. Political parties and social movements (Then) handout (pdf format)
  6. Political parties and social movements (Now) handout (pdf format)
  7. Evaluating the success of strategies employed handout (pdf format)
  8. Scissors
  9. Glue sticks
  10. Bernie Banton article
  11. Australian of the Year website, Trisha Broadbridge
  12. World Vision Australia, Tim Costello
  13. Clean Up Australia Day website, Ian Kiernan
  14. Biographybase, Eddie Mabo
  15. Australian Biography, Lowitja O'Donoghue
  16. Australian Biography
  17. Australian Story
  18. Famous Australians
  19. Dictionary of Australian Biography
  20. Australian Dictionary of Biography Online

Note to teachers

Please be aware that the digital resources may contain references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who may have passed away. This may cause distress to some Indigenous students.

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