Sir Charles Kingsford Smith

Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (1897–1935)
Charles Kingsford Smith was born in Hamilton in Brisbane. When he was only 18, he joined up as a soldier in the First World War and later became a pilot. He was a very brave man who won the Military Cross.
He had lots of adventures in his life. He made record breaking flights, around Australia, across the Pacific, to England and around the world. These flights were very dangerous because planes in those days kept breaking down and he was often in danger of being killed.

Kingsford Smith set up the first Australian airline. In 1935, he was trying to raise money when he disappeared while flying over the Bay of Bengal near India. He was never seen again.

He is remembered in many ways. He was made Sir Charles by King George VI. The airport in Sydney and a street in Brisbane are named after him. A building at Brisbane Airport holds one of his planes, the Southern Cross.  

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