Introductory Activity: The Australian Digger Myth and Legend

Gathering Information and Analysis  

  1. In a Think Pair and Share exercise or a whole-of-class brainstorm, construct a mind map of the popular image of the 'Australian Digger'.
  2. Using an affinity diagram, classify the attributes of your mind map under the following headings: 'Values', 'Physical Characteristics', 'Personality'.
  3. Are these qualities ‘real’ or do they represent an ideal?

In a paragraph of about 200 words, explain why you think the idealised view of the Australian Digger might be relevant or irrelevant to Australia’s identity in the 21st century.  

Report your findings

  1. Can you identify and list any contemporary products or services whose marketing relies on the attributes highlighted in your mind map?
  2. In a group or individually, create an advertisement for a product for print, radio television or the internet using one category of attributes.


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