Representation: How many times am I represented?: Introduction

Key Learning Area: Studies of Society and Environment

Year level: Middle Primary/Upper Primary

Lesson duration: 80-100 minutes (2 lessons)

Unit topic: Australian Parliamentary Democracy

Lesson topic: Representation: How many times am I represented?

Lesson’s overall aim:

For students to understand the concept of representation within the Australian federal system. Students will investigate representation at two levels of government federal and State. They will explore the similarities and differences in representation at each level and between States and Territories.

Curriculum links

Links to the Australian Curriculum

Intended student learning objectives/outcomes:


Students understand the concept of representation and its place in democratic societies as well as how many representatives they have at each level of government. They will understand that the number of representatives is not uniform throughout Australia.  


Students will employ cooperative learning strategies, analyse different types of representation, and apply this knowledge to their participation in a representative democracy.


Students will understand representation as a democratic principle that's central to the Australian parliamentary system.


  1. BLM sheets 1-5
  2. Poster paper
  3. Pens
  4. Range of materials for individual student presentations

Teaching and learning activities

Students will examine the concept of representation in a democratic society. They will work individually, in pairs and in small groups to examine representation at two levels of government. They will undertake a comparative analysis to see whether all Australians have the same number of representatives, and come to understand the reasons for any differences. This lesson links with Voting - choosing your parliamentary representatives.

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