Representation: Activity 4

How many times are you represented? Applying knowledge and understanding

  1. Pose the following question to the class: How many times are you represented?

  2. Ask students to (individually or in pairs) create a poster/diagram that lists the number of Australia's parliaments, chambers, representatives and voters. Encourage students to draw upon their research and discussions to complete their poster/diagram.

  3. Provide each individual or pair with five strips of paper. Ask them to write five interesting pieces of information related to representation and geographical location.

  4. Draw the class together and provide students with the opportunity to present their information to the class.

Going further

  1. Ask students to research one of their representatives, looking at their level of government, lower/upper house membership, specific roles and responsibilities and the number of voters in their electorate.

  2. Students may present their research as a profile poster or a pamphlet.

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