Gathering Information

By 1911, the Commonwealth of Australia had been in existence for a decade. New political parties had been formed, important legislation had been passed, and a new relationship had been forged between the states (the former colonies) and the Commonwealth.

1. View the image of the lid of a children’s game, Around the Commonwealth by Aeroplane, that was released around 1911. In a Think, Pair and Share exercise, think of reasons why this game might have been produced, and speculate with your partner on what it might have contained? Identify what you think would have been the aim or aims of the game, make a list of its possible contents and describe how you think the game might have been played using the clues in the image.

2. Devise a similar game for Federation in 1901. What would you expect children in 1901 to know about Australia and what would you want them to know? Use the websites below to research information to devise your game. You might give different members of your class responsibility for different topics, which might include: Significant People, Institutions, Important Dates, Significant Issues and Important Events.

3. Set some time aside to play your game and learn about Federation with other members of your class.