Activity 3c: Notable Campaigners and Key Milestones

Campaigns for equal pay for equal work have been ably led in Australia by a number of notable women stretching back to 1912. These campaigns have resulted in changes to workplace legislation, and to the status of women in our society. Students build up biographical profiles on one of the notable women campaigners of the Equal Pay for Equal Work Movement. They then create an interactive multimedia timeline highlighting the key milestones of the campaign. 

Resources Required


e Resources

for Muriel Heagney

for Zelda D’Aprano

for Deborah Lawrie

Task 1

Students build up a biographical profile of one of the notable women campaigners of the Equal Pay for Equal Work movement. Students collect, organise and present their information using discussion groups and diary entries. In their research and presentations students should focus on the women's motivation, issues faced, strategies and outcomes/contributions. Students can record the material as diary entries and share what they have learnt about the campaigners in small discussion groups.

IT Option

Individually or in pairs, students collect, organise and present the material about their campaigner using the Museum Box tools. 

The profile should include:

  • the name of the campaigner
  • two important facts about her life
  • key dates, events and features of her campaign for equal pay
  • reasons why she was important in the campaign for equal pay for women.

Task 2

Using the Time Line Creator, the e Resources provided and the Handout: Key Milestones Equal Pay Campaign, students create an interactive multimedia timeline highlighting significant events of the Equal Pay for Equal Work campaign.  

The Time Line Creator allows students to include graphic, audio and video elements. 

The timeline should include:

  • images of the events
  • keywords, slogans and symbols
  • significant actions of individuals, groups, the media, courts and governments.


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