Teacher Information

The National Digital Learning Resources Network

Access to the National Digital Learning Resource Network (previously The Le@rning Federation) digital content is through your education body's licensing agreement with Education Services Australia Limited (previously Curriculum Corporation).

Content about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Please be aware that NDLRN’s digital learning objects, Australian Screen’s clips and the Apology to the Stolen Generations of Australia contain references to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have passed away. This may cause distress to some Indigenous students. 

e Resources

A number of the websites contain sophisticated material. Teachers should be aware that they may need to moderate the students’ use of these sites in terms of navigation and the content itself. With teacher guidance sites can be used to develop students’ literacy skills.

Assistance with ICT 

Teachers who require assistance with ICT activities may wish to consult the Educational Origami website, which is a blog and wiki about the integration of ICT within the curriculum. It has a very useful series of Starter sheets to assist teachers with the use of a variety of ICT activities.

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