Overview of Teaching and Learning Activities

Focus Question 3: How Do We Characterise Human Rights in Australia?  


Teaching and Learning Activities

Resources for Students

  • Rights established in the Australian Constitution, Acts of Parliament (including role of Ombudsman and Australian Human Rights Commission) and court rulings
  • Other organisations protecting human rights

3a: Establishing and Protecting Human Rights in Australia

  • Use of sources to identify ways human rights in Australia are established and protected


Digital Learning Objects

  • Changing Faces: Three Interviews (TLF-ID L1010) (Task 2)


  • Indigenous Australians and Citizenship under the Constitution
  • Changes to laws and establishment of new laws to protect human rights of Indigenous people
  • Apology to the Stolen Generations

3b: The Rights of Indigenous Australians

  • Use of sources to identify human rights denied to Aboriginal people in the past

  • Comprehension task: Racial Discrimination Act

  • PMIQ about what the Apology is likely to achieve for Indigenous Australians and questions that students may wish to investigate further


Digital Learning Objects

  • Making a Difference: The Day of Mourning Protesters (TLF-ID L5207) (Task 1)

  • Making a Difference: Pat O’Shane (TLF-ID L5214) (Task 2)


  • Australian Capital Territory’s Human Rights Act (2004) and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act (2006)

3c: Applying a Bill of Rights

  • Applying situations to legislation to determine strengths and weaknesses of a Bill of Rights


Digital Learning Object

  • Human Rights (TLF-ID L9522) (Task 2)


  • David Irving case and freedom of speech

3d: Freedom of Speech A Case Study

  • Application of knowledge of human rights issues to a case study on freedom of speech

Assessment Task

  • Debate: Arguments for and against an Australian Bill of Rights




  • online search engine, for example, Google (Assessment Task)

For the teacher | Human Rights Introduction | 1: What Are Human Rights? | 2: Where Do Human Rights Come From? | 3: How Do We Characterise Human Rights in Australia? | 4: How Do We Preserve and Improve Human Rights? 

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