Overview of Teaching and Learning Activities

Focus Question 1: What Are Human Rights? 


Teaching and Learning Activities

Resources for Students

  • A list of basic rights
  • Profile of an imaginary culture and its values and rules

1a: Value Placed on Human Rights

  • Ranking human rights: comparison with view from another culture


Other Resources

  • calculators

  • Definition/classification of human rights according to TH Marshall
  • Amnesty International case studies


1b: Definitions of Human Rights

  • Classifying human rights as civil rights, political rights or social rights

  • Case study analysis of human rights violations

    • Paul Hill, Britain (1975)
    • Yuzana Khin, Burma (1988) 



  • InterAction Council’s Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

1c: Rights and Responsibilities

  • Development of a set of responsibilities to correspond to given rights


For the teacher | Human Rights Introduction | 1: What Are Human Rights? | 2: Where Do Human Rights Come From? | 3: How Do We Characterise Human Rights in Australia? | 4: How Do We Preserve and Improve Human Rights? 

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