Votes for Women

What were the links between the women's suffrage movement and the temperance movement?

  • There was a strong link between the temperance movement and the movement for women's suffrage. Why does this link seem unusual at first glance?
  • Explain the reasons why the two movements co-existed and supported each other.
  • The temperance movement gave great support to the campaign for women's suffrage but it may also have alienated some potential supporters. Why was this?
  • Analyse the 1890 resolution (p 95), commenting on the arguments, the language, the possible audience and the degree to which it may have persuaded others to support the cause.

Write a letter

Imagine you are a suffragette who was influenced by the British and American campaigns (p 96). Write a letter to your local newspaper to discuss some of the points made in the 1890 resolution and to argue that Australian women deserve the right to vote.

Introduction | When did the struggle begin? | What was the political and social background? | What obstacles did women face? | What were the links between the suffrage and the temperance movements? | How and when did women achieve participation in the political process? | Assessment tasks and Additional resources