This Australian nation: Who are we? What do we value?


Lower secondary

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Introducing the Australian Readers

Australian Readers Discovering Democracy Lower Secondary Collection provides a range of written and pictorial items with a strong civics focus.

The material is organised into short chapters, and has been carefully selected to present extracts and images that are relevant and interesting for this learning level. Different perspectives are presented to encourage debate and consideration of alternative points of view. Each chapter provides an initial focusing paragraph and questions, which suggest pointers to civics issues within the extracts. In developing their own courses appropriate to the interests of their particular students, teachers should find the materials stimulating and a valuable supplement to existing course design.

This set of class activities makes use of items selected from the chapter 'Stories We Tell About Ourselves' and from the chapter 'Unity and Diversity' in Australian Readers Discovering Democracy Lower Secondary Collection.

Lower Secondary Class Activities

Theme: 'This Australian Nation: Who Are We? What Do We Value?'

To explore the theme there are three sets of activities, each using different elements of the Australian Readers. Each set of activities can be completed as stand-alone work or all three can be used as an integrated group.

Activity 1. Events that shape our nation's identity: Australians at war
Activity 2. The bush experience in the nation's identity
Activity 3. Migrant experience and national identity

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