Student handout 5: Issues in Australian history and the role of interest groups

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Research task

In this assignment you will research key groups and individuals who were influential in the resolution of one of the following issues.

  • Equal voting rights for women.
  • Political and civil rights for Indigenous Australians.
  • Rights for working Australians: the Eight Hour Day and equal pay campaigns for women.
  • Miners' rights and Eureka.

Focus questions

Use the following focus questions to organise your group research.

What was this issue about? What key debates took place and what were the arguments for and against?
Which key groups and individuals were active in the resolution of the issue?
What actions were taken by each of these individuals and groups to resolve the issue?
How effective were these individuals and groups in resolving the issue?

Construct a timeline of key milestones in the resolution of the issue.

Include a bibliography of all resources used to develop your response.

In your group discuss the best way of presenting your information and the allocation of tasks among the group.

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