Discovering Democracy resources

The Discovery Democracy resources provide a range of materials that can be used as:

  • the foundation for a new CCE program
  • a supplement for an existing CCE program
  • a model for the development of teaching units
  • a model for the development of assessment units.
Discovering Democracy Units

(distributed to all Australian schools in 1998 and available online at )

The content of the materials is underpinned by four organising themes:

  • Who Rules?
  • Law and Rights
  • The Australian Nation
  • Citizens and Public Life.

Students will encounter these themes in different units from their middle primary years to the end of compulsory schooling. Each unit is addressed by a number of tasks (see focus questions in Tables 1 and 2) and each task includes a teacher guide, student resource sheets, a marking guide and annotated student work samples. The units are self-contained, with all the necessary resources provided.

Discovering Democracy Australian Readers

The Discovering Democracy Australian Readers contain a range of materials and text types on CCE themes. They were designed to provide material to allow engagement in civic issues, values and ideas in the English KLA.

Discovering Democracy through Research

This is a resource for teachers that gives students the opportunity to engage in active and disciplined investigations of local, State, Territory, national and international issues that have both historical and contemporary elements.

This resource addresses aspects of the more active role of citizenship as defined by the MCEETYA Civics and Citizenship Assessment Domain.

Assessment Resources

(distributed to all Australian schools in 2000) The Discovering Democracy Assessment Resources are designed to provide structured assessment tasks that require teacher judgement of student work against specified criteria.