Activity 1

Identifying values through biographies

  1. The biographies selected below have been suggested as the ages of the biography subjects are closer to those of the students (when compared to the biographies of older Australians) and can be used to demonstrate the commitment young people have made in making a difference. Teachers are free to select other biographies for the class to analyse if they believe that stronger connections can be made with their students in this way.

    Provide students with copies of the following biographies:

    In pairs or small groups, ask students to identify the values contained in each biography. Explain to students that they may need to use what they know about how values look, sound and feel as not all of the values are obvious/explicitly stated.

  2. Ask students to explain how the subjects of the biographies enacted or realised their values. For example:

    • Hugh Evans’ commitment to social justice was first demonstrated when, as a Year 7 student, he organised his school’s involvement in the 40-Hour Famine, and raised one of the largest sums of money of any participating school (Care and Compassion, Fair Go, Freedom, Integrity)

    • Jesse Martin, as a 17-year-old schoolboy, was the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe, non-stop, solo and unassisted. Through his acievements and active involvement in youth outreach programs, he has helped inspire many young people to follow their own dreams. He believes greater goals can be achieved by achieving smaller objectives, and by focusing on the things that one can change and control. (Doing Your Best, Care and Compassion, Integrity)

    • Louise Sauvage was born with a severe spinal disability and had over 20 operations before the age of ten. Her outstanding sporting achievements are equalled by her commitment to raising the status of athletes with disabilities, and helping others to understand that athletes with disabilities should be accorded the professional respect that their athleticism and hard work demand. (Doing Your Best, Fair Go, Freedom)

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