Activity 1

  1. Provide students with a copy of the Jimmy Pham biography. Ask students to draw up this three column table.

    Individually, the students will read the biography and record the following information in their tables:

    • the reason/s Jimmy Pham left his homeland of Vietnam
    • the social, cultural, economic and/or political contribution/s he has made either in Australia or abroad
    • tossible motivating factors for his contribution/s.

    Invite students to share their responses with a partner and then with a small group. The small group responses can then be shared with the rest of the class.

  2. Using an interactive whiteboard, a laptop and data projector or individual computers, provide students with an opportunity to view New homes (TLF-Learning object ID L678) and Fiona Chiu: Chinese family tree (TLF-Learning object ID L614).

    New homes explores the story of displaced persons who migrated to Australia from Europe after World War II. Students are asked to build an exhibition about the migrants’ stories and add scene descriptions to each exhibit. Students are then asked to describe how the images relate to themes of personal identity and experience.

    Fiona Chiu: Chinese family tree explores the family history of a young woman whose Chinese ancestors migrated to Australia during the Victorian gold rush. Students are asked to look at historical documents, photos and other objects. They then choose items and arrange them as a storyboard, writing scene descriptions and voiceover text.

    Using either New homes or Fiona Chiu: Chinese family tree as a model, ask students to work in small groups to design a simple storyboard or sketch images for an exhibition in relation to the biography of Jimmy Pham and the possible motivations behind his social, cultural, economic and/or political contribution/s. This work lays the foundation for students working independently to research multicultural stories in the next lesson.

  3. Ask the groups to present their simple storyboards or sketched images for an exhibition to the rest of the class. Students need to be able to justify the choices they have made in representing Jimmy Pham’s life and contributions.

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