Activity 2

  1. Using the websites below, or others that the students have independently located, students work in small groups to:

    • nominate a person for investigation
    • identify the reason/s why their person left their homeland
    • explore the social, cultural, economic and/or political contribution/s he or she has made to Australia and/or aboard
    • consider the possible motivating factors for his or her contribution/s.

    Possible starting points for student research include:

  2. Using either New homes or Fiona Chiu: Chinese family tree as a model, the groups either:

    • design a storyboard containing photographs, scene descriptions and voiceover text  that could be used in order to make a documentary; or

    • make an exhibition that contains a collection of objects and photographs typical of those that would be found in a museum. Each object and photograph needs a description.

    Remind students to link their storyboards and exhibitions back to the themes of:

    • personal identity and experiences in relation to leaving the homeland
    • social, cultural, economic and/or political contribution/s to Australia and aboard
    • possible motivating factors for the contribution/s.
  3. Ask the small groups to present their storyboards and exhibitions to the rest of the class. Encourage students to provide peer feedback using a Feedback sandwich. The Feedback sandwich provides explicit feedback about the groups’:

    • areas of strength
    • opportunities for improvement
    • possible strategies for future improvement.
  4. Ask students to use a Venn diagram to compare the storyboards and exhibitions. What do the biographies have in common? How are the biographies unique? Depending on time constraints, student can either use a two-ring Venn diagram or a three-ring Venn diagram to make the comparisons.

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