Activity 3

  1. Use expert groups to summarise the history of Australia's development as a culturally diverse nation. The information contained in the timeline of the Racism: No way website may be broken down into 50-year ‘chunks’. Each expert group is responsible for reporting back to the whole class on key dates and policies related to immigration and multiculturalism in Australia.

    Students may like to complete the Making Multicultural Australia website quiz titled How much do you know about the development of Australia’s multicultural policies? to test the knowledge they have gained from the expert groups.


Consider your small group’s biography in light of Australia’s immigration and multicultural policies at the time. What do you think it would have meant for your person to be an Australian then? Contrast this with what you think it would mean for your person to be an Australian now. Would it be easier or harder for them to make similar social, cultural, economic and/or political contribution/s today? Why? Do you think their motivating factors would be the same if they had migrated to Australian at a different point in our history? Explain.

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