Voting and belonging: Analysing

Analyse data and information

Together with those in parliaments over time, and sometimes despite them, the following people have worked tirelessly to improve the lives of women and Indigenous people by seeking to achieve enfranchisement and proportional representation:

•  Neville Bonner

•  Quentin Bryce

•  William Cooper

•  Edith Cowan

•  Eric Deeral

•  William Ferguson

•  Pearl Gibbs

•  Vida Goldstein

•  Margaret Guilfoyle

•  Louisa Lawson

•  Mary Lee

•  Douglas Nicholls

•  Aden Ridgeway

•  Catherine Helen Spence

•  Jessie Street

  1. Use online sources to research the life, challenges and achievements of an Australian in relation to enfranchisement, representation and women's and/or Indigenous issues.

    Record your research on a data chart. A data chart is a useful tool for making notes about the information you have read in books or on websites using your own words rather than simply copying information. The charts also help you to organise and summarise your information under key headings.

    Find out more about using a data chart.

    The following websites are a useful starting point for beginning your research: