Reporting and using your findings

Through this investigation you have:

  • defined the concept of racism
  • researched an event in which racism may have been present
  • understood the causes of racism
  • become aware of the social factors that could make communities vulnerable to racist behaviour.


You may demonstrate what you have discovered by creating a report for the rest of the class, or by acting on what you have learned, or both.

  1. You may chose to present a report about your view on racism and events at Cronulla Beach on 11 December, based on your research. You may chose to present your information using a Power Point Presentation that includes graphs and statistical tables, which can be created in using Excel.
  2. You may choose to conduct a survey of your school/community to see whether you can support your classification of your community. You can then report your findings to your class/community.

Taking action against racism

  1. There are many practical things that you can do to assist your school/community to resist racism. Draw up a plan for one of the following:
    • Prepare an information campaign that includes anti-racism literature, bumper stickers, a booklet on people rights, and organisations and people to contact.
    • Invite a guest speaker to your school who is an expert on dealing with racism and teaching others to resist it.
    • Publish a comic book that informs others of the dangers of racism.
    • Formulate a plan that helps your school/community to meet other schools and communities from other areas of your city. This can be done through sport, debating and other inter-school activities.
    • Compose a jingle for an advertisement or song about resisting racism.
    • Create an anti-racism charter for your school or class, which everyone agrees to follow.