Teacher Plan for 'The Myall Creek Massacre: Reconciliation Past and Present'

Note: the linked Worksheets are in Word document format.

WeekTopicTeacher and student activities
  • Students keep a journal/workbook to record all activities.
  • Students set personal goals for the term (Worksheet 1).
  • Brainstorm the topics 'What is the law?' and 'Who does the law serve?'
    Use the bundling technique where students are asked to come up with ideas and then work in pairs to group similar ideas together.

What is the rule of law?

What is justice?

  • In pairs students complete Worksheet 2 on the extract from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (from Discovering Democracy Australian Readers Lower Secondary Collection, pp 15–16).
  • Students in groups complete 'The Big Ideas' questions (p 26 of the above Australian Readers) for The Diary of Anne Frank and/or The Flight of the Innocents.
  • Groups report back to class. Students write up major ideas in their journals.

Human rights for all?

Looking at current issues

  • Distribute Worksheet 3 (cloze passage with spelling list). Students are given the spelling list to learn before undertaking the cloze exercise. A cloze answer sheet is provided for teachers.
  • Homework task: 'Discuss with parents and/or other family members and write ten human rights and ten rights of the child in your journal.'
  • Teacher selects a current newspaper article on an issue to do with justice, the legal system and human rights. Using Worksheet 4 and working in pairs, students analyse the newspaper article.
4Designing research questions
  • Work through the Discovery Draft (Worksheet 5) to design research questions for major assignment. Teachers could use the sample on the theme of reconciliation to model the process of the Discovery Draft.
5Crime as part of society
  • Students select articles from newspapers.
  • Design group questionnaire on crime and the law.
6–7Myall Creek Massacre

Analysis of what happened at Myall Creek. Using the Web, Australian Readers and the video, students take on the role of historical detectives.

  • Myall Creek Massacre Assignment Organiser (Worksheet 9).
  • Concept Map: Explain to students what a concept map is before attempting the activity (Worksheet 6).
  • Question and Answer Grid (2) (Worksheet 7).
  • Three-Level Guide Activity (Worksheet 8).
8Linking Myall Creek to current Indigenous issues
  • ABC video Australian Story: Bridge over Myall Creek, 26/07/01.
  • Pre-video activity from Reconciliation: It Starts with Me – An Activity Book, Jon Carnegie and Terry Hastings, pp 24–31.
    – Complete in pairs Community Reconciliation Exercise pp 26–9.
    – Prepare a brief outline of the role-play exercise p 27.If there is time, the students can present their role-plays to the class.
  • View video.
  • Visiting speakers (arranged by teacher).
  • What is reconciliation? As seen by yourself, your friends and family? Has the video influenced your opinion? Explain with examples.
  • Analyse newspaper articles (Week 3) and place in scrapbook/journal.
  • Presentation of group interpretations of the Myall Creek massacre.
  • PSI assessment (Plus, Something to improve, Interesting) (Worksheet 9).