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Lower secondary/Middle secondary

This unit is designed for lower and middle secondary students. However, teachers of upper primary students may also wish to use these activities.

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There is an introductory activity and three topics in this unit. Student handouts accompany each of these. As a guide to planning, suggested times for each activity are provided in brackets. After the introductory activity, teachers may present the topics in any order.

The unit is divided into the following topics and is accompanied by student handouts. All handouts have been provided in HTML and Word format, the latter allowing teachers to modify activities if they wish.

  • Introductory activity: The Franklin Dam dispute and the role of the Tasmanian Wilderness Society (2 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Topic 1: Issues important to our class and the local community (6 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Topic 2: The role of interest groups in Australia (6 x 50-minute lessons)
  • Topic 3: Key issues in Australian history - the role of interest groups (5 x 50-minute lessons)

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