Resource list for Issue 2: Political and civil rights for Aboriginal citizens

Groups involved

Discovering Democracy Lower Secondary Units, 'Democratic Struggles', (pp 68-98). This unit is also available online at:

Focus question 5: Why didn't all adults get the vote at Federation and how did those excluded work to achieve it?
Activity 4
Activity 5
Activity 6

Discovering Democracy Upper Primary Units, 'People Power'. This unit is also available online at

Focus question 1: How did the Freedom Riders escalate the campaign for justice for Aboriginal people?

Activities 1-6

Discovering Democracy Primary Video, Freedom Ride segment

Stories of Democracy CD-ROM, People Power section and biographies - Charles Perkins

Discovering Democracy Middle Secondary Units, 'Human Rights'. This unit is also available online at:

Focus question 4: What is Australia's record on Indigenous people's rights?

Topic 4: The 1967 Referendum. This unit contains PDF downloads from Australia's Democracy: A Short History, distributed to all secondary schools in 2002. The topic is designed for middle to upper secondary students but teachers may wish to use parts with younger students.

Australian Readers Discovering Democracy Lower Secondary Collection, 'The Myall Creek Massacre', Bruce Elder, pp 17-19; 'White Australia', J B Hirst, pp 55-6; 'My Place', Sally Morgan, p 57

Australian Readers Discovering Democracy Middle Secondary Collection, 'Through My Eyes', Ella Simon, pp 38-40


The Freedom Rides in Australia

Australian Museum Online
A range of historical material including information on the Freedom Rides and the 1967 Referendum as well as later issues. The site also includes activities for students and information for teachers.

National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Contains information on a number of Indigenous issues and features a 'Bringing them home' education module containing a range of student activities and teacher information based on stories of the Stolen Generation. Go to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Contains an index of resources including video resources on Indigenous Issues.

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