For the Good of All: Activity Three

Constitutional Groups – Deliberating, deciding and voting

  1. Back in their constitutional groups, students must now pass a law or provision for each issue. Each provision must be voted on, so a majority of the group need to be convinced of the fairness or validity of the proposed provisions.
  2. Ask students to transfer their constitutions to poster paper so that it is large enough to be examined by the class. Ask them also, in their groups, to list on the poster the principles and values they think their constitution protects or enshrines, eg fairness, freedom, equality.
  3. Ask students to decide on one overriding value or principle that their constitution upholds – ‘the common good’. They should highlight this principle on their poster and display it for the rest of class.
  4. Ask if all students representing all the perspectives would agree that they compromised to promote it.

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