For the Good of All: Activity Four

Activity Four Perspective Groups/Constitution Groups – Interrogating and Assessing

  1. Gathering students into their perspective groups, ask them to assess which constitution would best benefit them. Students may find using a series of Plus Minus and Interesting Charts helpful in their examination of the constitutions.
  2. The perspective groups should then consolidate their information and report their findings to the class.
  3. Gathering students in their constitution groups, ask them to interrogate and rate the constitutions of other groups, using a grid or rubric, according to the principles of fairness, equality, freedom, tolerance and equity, and to compare their findings to the espoused principles of each constitution.
  4. Students should assess at least two constitutions (not including their own) and they can compare their findings by listening to class reports, or ‘fishbowling’ their views while recording the information on a Venn Diagram.

Going further

Lead students in a discussion that assists their understanding that the ‘common good’ is a higher purpose, and separate to an individual’s immediate interests; help them draw conclusions from their work on the constitutions which arrive at this discovery. Instances that can be explored include the historical examples of life on the ‘home front' during wartime; the current debate around climate change; and the Australian system of government. In groups, students could investigate these issues and examples to arrive at a greater understanding of the ‘common good’ in a modern democracy.

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