What makes a good citizen?: Introduction

Key Learning Area: Studies of Society and Environment

Year Level: Middle primary / Upper primary

Lesson Duration: 4 lessons

Unit Topic: Good citizenship

Lesson Topic: What makes a good citizen?

Lesson’s overall aim:

Students explore the concept of a citizen and then unpack the notion of what it means to be a good citizen. Students will realise, if they have not already, that they are not future citizens; rather they are already citizens of our society. They will consider what society would be like if the characteristics of being a good citizen were not apparent in others. Students will summarise their learning in the form of individual, paired or small group presentations.

Curriculum links

Links to the Australian Curriculum

Intended student learning objectives/outcomes


  • Explore concepts of community service
  • Identify ways that people can work together in communities
  • Participate in civic or environmental action to effect positive change


  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Speaking and listening


  • Care and Compassion
  • Doing Your Best
  • Fair Go
  • Freedom
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion


  1. Internet and computer access
  2. Art and craft materials for presentations

Note to teachers

Access to digital content is through The National Digital Learning Resources Network via the digital resources portals for each jurisdiction. The digital content used in this lesson plan is:

  • I Think ... - All together now (TLF-ID R6076)
  • Take a vote: democracy (TLF-ID L1032)
  • Playground rules (TLF-ID L949)
  • Your rules: in the supermarket (TLF-ID L6352)
  • Your rules: in the park (TLF-ID L6351)
  • Neighbourhood charter (TLF-ID L950)
  • Your charter: outside the school (TLF-ID L6354)
  • Your charter: at the swimming pool (TLF-ID L6353)

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