What makes a good citizen?: Activity three

 Promote the characteristics of a good citizen

  1. Either individually, in pairs or small groups, ask the students to promote the characteristics of a good citizen and explain why these characteristics are important. Student might choose to focus on one or more characteristics.

Students can choose to promote the characteristics and the explanation of their importance as a:

  • role play
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • poster
  • comic strip
  • song using a well-known tune
  • speech
  • other (as negotiated with the teacher).
  1. Arrange a time for students to present their work to an audience such as:
  • peers from another class
  • the principal and other interested teachers
  • parents, parents’ club and the school council members
  • local member of parliament and local government members.


Ask students to complete a journal entry that details how they can enact the characteristics of being a good citizen in the classroom, at school, in the home and in the wider community. As a concluding statement ask student to restate why the characteristics of being a good citizen are important to their current and future lives.

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