Climate Change and the Environment Investigation: Research

Collecting data and information

The two leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions are from the generation of electricity and the use of transportation such as cars, buses and aeroplanes. Investigate strategies that you and others can use to reduce the impact you are having on the changes in the climate.

  1. Watch the following video clips and make a list of the climate-saving strategies that you see or hear.

    The video clips are:

    List any new climate-saving strategies in your learning journal.

  2. Use a strategy such as 'Think-Pair-Share' to brainstorm other climate-saving strategies. Begin by listing all of the strategies that you know that are different to the ones shown or heard in the video clips. Record your strategies in your learning journal. Share your list of strategies with a partner and then share your combined list with a small group. Finally share your small group's list with the rest of the class. Record any additional strategies that you have heard in your learning journal.

  3. Conduct a survey to find out what people outside your classroom know about climate change, its effects and the strategies they can use to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    Download a copy of the Climate change sample survey. Use this sample as a model for writing your own survey based on your brainstormed list of climate-saving strategies.

    Trial your questions before you conduct your survey so you know your survey is easy for people to answer. Make any adjustments to the questions that are needed.

    As a class, decide on how many people you are going to survey. Ask your teacher to photocopy the required number of surveys.

    Conduct your survey.

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