Climate Change and the Environment Investigation: Taking Action

  1. Watch the Intelligent Energy Europe program's Europe's children learn to fight climate change on Green TV.

    How are the students taking action on the issue of climate change? How are they educating adults on the issue? How are they educating other students?

    What action can you take to:

    • further reduce your own greenhouse gas emissions?
    • educate others so they can reduce their emissions?
  2. Download a copy of a Force field analysis.

    The force field analysis will help you to think about the strategies and people that will help you to achieve your goal of further reducing your own greenhouse gas emissions and educating others before you develop an action plan.

    The force field analysis is made up of three sections:

    • helping forces – The things that will help you to achieve success
    • blocking forces – The things that might stop you from achieving success
    • solving forces – The things that might help you to overcome the blocking forces.
  3. Download a copy of the Action plan. Use the ideas listed in your force field analysis (helping forces, blocking forces and solving forces) to help you write your action plan.

    Record the following on your action plan:

    • actions to be completed
    • who will complete each action
    • when each action will be completed
    • resources needed for each action.

    Implement your action plan.

    In the coming weeks and months, report back to your teacher and classmates on the success of your action plan. Make adjustments to your plan if necessary to ensure its ongoing success.

    Have you remained committed to My climate change contract? Revisit either the Powerhouse Museum's Interactive Bigfoot website or Earth Day's Footprint Quiz. How many 'worlds' would you use up now? Have you reduced the effects of climate change and helped the environment?

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