Civics Symbols: For the teacher

Key Learning Areas: Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE)

Year Level: Upper Primary

Lesson Duration: 12 lessons

Research Topic:

Investigate ways in which the Australian National Flag and other Australian flags are used today. The use may be formal/official or informal/unofficial. Analyse the positive or negative consequences for our society of the ways the flags are used. Consider the implications of such uses, and make recommendations for the future.  

Curriculum links

Links to the Australian Curriculum

Learning outcomes


  • Analysis, organisation translation and presentation of information
  • Forming opinions and supporting with evidence


  • Social justice
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Fair go
  • Respect

Notes for Teachers

A number of sites are listed in the Resources section for teachers’ use, to familiarise themselves with this complex topic. Ideas are also provided for graphic organisers, some of which will need printing off. It may be preferable to have these on hand before students begin the unit. It is recommended that teachers study the unit carefully, before the students start work on it, and prepare display areas or make plans for the “summit”, if required.

Teacher evaluation

The student activity sheets and opinion pieces will form a basis for assessment of their work.

Indicators of student achievement

The student can:

  • describe and explain the history of the national flag and its symbols
  • briefly describe the ways the flag is used
  • show evidence of the values they attach to the national flag
  • make suggestions to improve flag use in Australia


Many resources are listed in the Student Resource section. Some of these additional sites are more suitable for teacher background.


Anzac Day Commemoration site

Discovering Democracy website


Advocacy site for new Australian flag

Interview about the Cronulla riots

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