Civics Symbols: Report the findings

For the final part of this unit, you will be asked to report on aspects of flag use in Australia, and make recommendations which could improve it. We will assume that people using the flag in all sorts of ways have good intentions. Sometimes though, things do not go as planned and there are negative consequences. At other times, the consequences are positive, but could be even better if some changes could be made. These issues are what your recommendations will tackle, so that Australians get the very best out of using their national flag.

To do this, you will need to do some more thinking and organising of your ideas.

Activity 1A Preparing your report

Using a Consequences Chart choose at least one example from Figure 3 of a type of flag use which you believe would have negative consequences and one with positive consequences. List or draw the activity, and work out what these consequences could be. (You could discuss this with a partner, and even do more if you have time.) Consider all the information you have already collected to make your decisions.

Activity 1B Report the findings

If possible, have a class summit, where people explain their positions on the examples they have chosen. If this is not possible, ask if you could compare your findings with another student’s.

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