Voting – choosing your parliamentary representatives: Activity 1

Decision-making: identifying types of decision-making

  1. Photocopy BLM 1 decision-making cards allowing a set for each group.

  2. Divide the class into small groups of 4-5 students according to class numbers and distribute to a set of cards to each group. Instruct students to examine each scenario and decide how best this decision could be made. Students record group answers justifying their response.

  3. Instruct students to categorise the different types of decision making that are represented. Paste decision-making cards onto a large piece of paper according to group classifications with reasons specified. Ask students to include further examples for each classification.

    Prompt questions could include: 'What method do you use to choose that person, or make that decision?' 'How would you decide this?'

  4. Draw class together and allow each group to present their poster giving reasons for classifications and how the group decided. Ask students to discuss and give reasons for decisions. Was there any disagreement? How did they decide? 

    Are some decisions more important than others? Which ones have more impact? What are the consequences of different types of decision making?

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BLM 1 Scenario decision making