Active citizenship: Activity 3

  1. In small groups, students develop a detailed plan of action for solving a problem related to an uncared-for place in the local community. The action plan clearly identifies:
    • actions to be completed
    • the person or people responsible
    • timelines
    • resources needed to implement the plan.
  2. Students review their action plans with the aid of a SWOT analysis. Students identify the internal strengths and weakness of their plan; as well as the external opportunities and threats. If necessary, students revise their action plans in light of the SWOT analysis.
  3. Student can present the revised action plans to a member of the local council, a council worker or a community group. The local newspaper could be invited to run a story about the proposed community action plan and the active citizenship of students who will be making a difference to their community.


  1. Students can reflect upon the problem-solving strategies and skills they have developed throughout the lesson and identify other situations where these strategies and skills can be employed.

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Action plan

SWOT analysis