Active citizenship: Activity 2

  1. Previously, students explored responsible actions and personal safety issues related to after-school scenarios. Ask students to identify places in the local community that they have access to, such as parks, gardens and creeks. Pose questions to students such as the following.
    • Are these places safe or unsafe? What makes them safe/unsafe?
    • Are these places cared for or uncared for? What are examples of this?
    • Who is responsible for caring for these places?
  2. Arrange for students to visit one of the places that students have identified – preferably a place that is uncared-for and within walking distance of the school. The place could be one that has been vandalised or has a litter problem. Digital photographs can be taken as a record of the place prior to action being taken. Alternatively,
    • provide students with copies of the local newspaper with an article about an area within the local community that is uncared-for.
    • invite a local government representative to speak to the class about the state of a local park and/or creek.
  3. After visiting one of the places students have identified, reading the local newspaper or listening to a local council worker, students can fill in a ‘Problems-Solutions’ chart either in pairs or in small groups. Ask students to identify which solutions require a more detailed plan of action.

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Problems-Solutions chart