Sister Scholastica Carillo

Sister Scholastica (Josephine) Carillo (1917– )
Sister Scholastica is a Benedictine nun who works in Western Australia on an Aboriginal mission station called Kalumburu. It is one of the most remote places in Australia. It is hard to reach and living there is often very difficult.
Sister Scholastica was born in Spain in 1917 and came to Australia in 1949. She has spent most of her adult life helping Aboriginal people in many ways. She has helped with their education, job training and health, and been a friend when they needed someone to talk to. She has also taught Aboriginal people about the Christian religion. Sister Scholastica uses a motorbike to visit people in the most remote places. When the Benedictines decided to leave Kalumburu, she stayed on to help the people she had lived with for so long.  

She was given a medal of the Order of Australia in 1994.  

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