Australians as global citizens: Introduction

Year level: Upper Primary/Lower Secondary

KLA: Studies of Society and Environment/English

Notes for teachers

This unit leads students through an exploration of the values and attitudes expected of a global citizen, and introduces them to human rights, the role of non-government aid organisations and to Australia's global citizenship in its region through its overseas aid programme. Students may work in groups, or explore different parts of the unit on their own. The different sections of the unit are self-contained, and can be used in various combinations. For more information on global citizenship, visit the Global Education website. 

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Learning outcomes - Primary



International trade, global financial markets and high speed technologies have connected individuals and communities beyond the borders of their countries. At the same time, there is an awareness that only global cooperation can solve poverty and epidemics, stop wars, and reverse environmental degradation and climate change. With this awareness has come the realisation that individuals, communities, corporations and countries have obligations to one another that are global in their reach. Understanding these obligations is an important part of global citizenship.

By working through this unit of work, you will:

  • explore the values and attitudes of a good global citizen
  • use human rights as a way of judging your values and attitudes
  • examine the work of an aid organisation
  • explore the work that Australia does in its region to help other countries and communities. 


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