Analysis and Interpretation

1. Have different members of your class or work group take responsibility for examining one or two of the following artefacts produced around the time of Federation and interpret what they convey about the nature of an ‘Australian’ identity at the time of Federation. Ensure that different members of the class examine different artefacts. You may find a PMI chart useful for this examination.

2. In a paragraph, describe Australia’s emerging identity at the time of Federation in 1901, using these artefacts and the notes in your PMI chart.

3. Compare your impressions of the artefacts (your PMI chart and notes) with those of the other members of your class. If several members of the class had responsibility for examining one artefact, try fishbowling your discussion so that all views are considered.

Hint: In a fishbowl exercise, one group forms an ‘inner circle’ where they discuss their findings with each other, while the other group forms an ‘outer circle’ (with their backs towards the inner circle) and listens to and records the discussions of the first group. The rule is that those in the outer circle can only listen and cannot contribute to the discussion in the inner circle. The groups then swap roles.

4. Which of these ideas of ‘Australia’ still endure today and which have been abandoned?

5. Why do think some of the ideas of Australia at Federation have endured? Have some of them changed or do they still survive in the same form?

6.  Using a Diamond Ranking chart, rank the ideas (from prevalent to less prevalent) about Australian identity that you think still endure in contemporary versions of Australian identity.