An Australian Republic? 1. Australian Identity

Changing Australia’s system of government from a constitutional monarchy to a republic has implications for how Australians see the nation's principles, traditions, values and future.

Gathering Information

Read the following articles and consider the questions that follow.


  1. What changes are there likely to be to Australia’s national symbols if Australia becomes a republic?
  2. Identify and explain the values that a constitutional monarchy represents for Australians?
  3. How would being a republic change how Australians imagine the nation?

Hint: A Plus, Minus and Interesting chart might help you to respond to these questions.


  1. Individually, or as a group, design a poster which represents what you think is modern Australia. The poster might be a collage of images that you associate with being Australian. See if you can represent values as well.
  2. Which of these images might be affected or disappear from the poster if Australia became a republic?
  3. Are there any images on the poster that might be strengthened, or image that might need to be added if Australia became a republic?

Reporting your findings

  1. Write a poem or a song, or create an image that reflects favourably on an Australian republic, or laments or defends Australia's current status as a constitutional monarchy.