Online Interactives

Lower Primary

The Australian Nation

Australia Day Memory Game
Celebrate what’s great about being Australian with the Australia Day Memory Game. Click on the flags to match hidden letters and reveal the mystery picture.
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(National Australian Day Council)

Freedom to choose
Drag and drop the stars and the Union Jack into place on the Australian flag to reveal several different statements about democracy. Click the stars and Union Jack in the correct sequence and the Australian national anthem will be played.
Links to teaching and learning material.
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(Parliamentary Education Office, Parliament of Australia)

 Citizens and Public Life

 Community Club
Learn about different workers in the community. Listen to the recorded information and read the text provided, then complete the simple quiz at the end of each section.
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(Scholastic Books, United States)

What do I do?
Find out how a painter, builder fire fighter, doctor and others contribute to a community. What role do these people play and what things do they need to perform the task?
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(Sunshine Online, New Zealand)